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The On all 4's 4wd Challenge 2019


On All 4’S Challenge 2019

Sponsored by Penrith Off-road Warehouse

Venue: 5308 Putty rd. Colo Heights (SORRA)

Date:   7th - 10th June 2019

Gates open at 12 noon Friday 7th of June and will close at Midnight.

Scrutineering from 6pm Friday7th till late and will re open at  8am Saturday morning

Again this year there will be 4 main classes (plus learners) 


All Competing drivers MUST wear ADR approved helmets, This also applies to navigator. 

Learners -    Can only Drive standard class tracks regardless of vehicle class. Learners must have a licenced driver / Navi beside them at all time while the vehicle is being driven. This is a male/female class not separate 

Standard Class:    Max of a 33" tyre and 2-3" of lift. NO LOCKERS (only FACTORY rear LSD). 

Modified Class:    Max of a 35" tyre and up to 4" of lift. ONLY ONE LOCKER - FRONT OR REAR and factory LSD. If vehicle has dual lockers driver must elect to not use one locker, or disable (pull fuse) to fall into this class. If driver/vehicle seen using both lockers, zero points will be awarded for that stage.

Open Class:     Max of a 37" tyre and up to 6" lift. Dual diff lock and factory suspension mounts. Aftermarket HD arms ok.  WINDOW NETS ARE REQUIRED. (no coil conversions, sprung over vehicles etc are permitted in this class)

Outlaw Class:  No limits to suspension setups ('A' Frames, triangulated 4 Links, coil conversion to leaf sprung vehicle, sprung over conversions etc).      WINDOW NETS ARE REQUIRED. 

Vehicles fitted with traction control, will incur a 10 point penalty per track if competing in Standard and modified class, if traction control is disabled no penalties will be applied. 

All soft top 4x4’s competing in Open and outlaw must have a plated roof, and all soft top 4x4’s needs to have roll over protection (roll cage), including a plated roof this is for your own safety, if you need any further clarification please contact us

All navigators need to have a driver's license and be part of an affiliated club, there is no additional charge to use a navigator (camping fees apply). 

 All soft top vehicles competing in standard and modified need to have their roof on.

All vehicles are to have a working mounted fire extinguisher, rated recovery points and basic recovery gear. There will be different coloured stickers that are numbered issued to represent classes. 

  • Recovery points must be painted red. Eye bolts are not considered as satisfactory recovery points.

For standard and modified class  the following is required as a minimum 
  • Rear tow hitch
  • and 1 after market rated bolt on point that will take a shackle

For Open and Outlaw

  • We require a point in line with or outside of the chassis rails. We require the points to be constructed from 10mm x 75mm plate or larger. Each point should be capable of accepting a 4.7 T rated shackle. These should be designed and fitted in such a manner that the shackle can accept a vertical recovery lift. Eg: The shackle should be able to move in a 90 degree arc from horizontal to vertical.

Any recovery point that we feel is poorly fitted or fabricated we reserve the right to refuse entry to the challenge.

Current registration and third party property minimum. THESE MUST BE BROUGHT ALONG AS WILL BE CHECKING ALL PAPERWORK

SCRUTINEERING. Classes will be at the discretion of the marshals at scrutineering.

Drink driving is not permitted as road rules still apply, so if you are finished your tracks please keep driving to a minimum, breath test may be conducted over the weekend. No sitting in back of utes while driving.

Strict 11 pm noise curfew.

Pre Paid ticket costs, if you choose to pay at the gate the entry fee's will be higher.

Prepaid tickets (early bird prior to 31st December 2018)

Cost: $100 per competing car, includes 1 Driver only 

Ticket price after 1st January 2019 is $125 per competing car, includes 1 Driver only 

Extra drivers / $50 if ticket is purchased prior to 31st December 2018. Ticket price after 1st January 2019 is $75.00

Navigators must be part of an affiliated club and have a current driver’s license

Camping only spectators is $50 per person over 16 years of age if ticket is purchased prior to 31st December 2018. Ticket price after 1st January 2019 is $75.00.

Learners free with competing driver.

All competitors need to be a part of NSW & ACT 4wd Association (in an affiliated 4WD club). If not, you are required to pay an extra $25 on top of all other costs, which then gives you membership to On All 4s 4WD Club. 

This is a fun event and spots are limited so get in fast. First in best dressed. 

For more info call 0477 068985

email at [email protected]


Thank you 

Corey Killelea 

Event organizer 

Dave Evens

On All 4’s Club President 

5308 putty road