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Members Rigs Coming soon

David's Zook

Sierra on Patrol Diffs

Paul's Hilux

Hilux on patrol Diffs

Dave M's Zook


Kitty's 100 series


Corey's Patrol

he saw the light and got a real 4x4...you will see what I mean with the other pics

Corey's Hilux

you see what I mean lol

Corey's other Hilux

See what I mean again

Jamies 80 Series

Go the 80 lol...i hear it's on mog diffs now

Micks GQ ute


Big Al's 40 red

Big Al's 40 before the rebuild

James Hilux

at 6 stage in Yawal !!!! what a track

Dave E's 80 series

Go the tourer

RIP Quinny !!!!!

Quinny's Patrol RIP mate